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Journal Article

Intrahospital Transport of Critically Ill Patients Using a Ventilator with Patient-Triggering Function


Objective: To compare a new transport ventilator to manual ventilation in terms of maintaining the respiratory and hemodynamic levels of critically ill patients.

Quick Guide

LTV 1200™ ventilator Emergency Setup quick guide


This emergency setup card is intended to provide emergency instructions for initial setup of the LTV 1200™ ventilator. The initial settings may need to be adjusted based on the patient’s clinical condition. For complete information regarding setup and operation of the ventilator, refer to the LTV 1200™ ventilator operator’s manual.

Technical Bulletin

Spontaneous Breathing Trial technical bulletin


Recently, the term “Spontaneous Breathing Trial” (SBT) has become a common part of the respiratory therapist’s lexicon. The LTV1200 includes an SBT mode. The SBT mode was designed to help respiratory therapists comply with the American College of Chest Physician’s Evidence-Based Guidelines for Weaning and Discontinuation of Ventilatory Support


The new approach to Respiratory Care


Our system approach to respiratory care provides true solutions and tools to help optimize the quality of patient care and empower clinicians to improve patient outcomes while helping to control costs.