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PC-based Spirometry

USB compatible PC based spirometers provide the advantage of turning your PC into a full spirometer without any additional requirements. PC based spirometers allow complete flexibility when office based allow or can be connected to a Laptop for offsite testing.

Vyntus™ SPIRO - USB PC Spirometer

Rely on the versatile JAEGER™ Vyntus SPIRO PC spirometer, which plugs directly into a computer's USB port, to take advantage of the new workflow and quality driven SentrySuite Software or use it with your trusted JLAB software.

Vyntus™ PNEUMO - PC Spirometer

The modular Vyntus PNEUMO PC spirometer measures Slow/Forced Spirometry, MVV inclusive complete Pre/Post handling and Trending by using the workflow and quality driven SentrySuite™ Software.


Plugs directly into computer's USB port, runs with SPCS software, open/closed loop spirometry, pre/post bronchodilator, incentives and trending.

MasterScreen Pneumo Spirometer

PC spirometer with new, forward-thinking software is specifically designed to help you improve patient testing, laboratory efficiency and productivity, while better managing expanding requirements surrounding patient information.

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