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MasterScreen BabyBody Plethysmograph

Complete infant pulmonary function testing system

Vyaire is the world-wide leader in Infant Pulmonary Diagnostic Instrumentation providing you with a complete portfolio of testing capabilities for all ages.

  • The Vyaire Infant Plethysmograph with RVRTC and Portable PAED system are cleared for use in infants.
  • Infant airway function and lung volumes can be rapidly assessed under the canopy with other diagnostic procedures: Tidal Breathing Analysis, Passive Mechanics and HUG (Vmax FRC and RVRTV) manoeuvres done with the canopy open.
  • Rapid data collection procedures and the capability to re-play the collection and analysis at a later time maximize the information obtained in sleeping infants.
  • Option: Non-Invasive Airway Mechanics measurements made during quiet breathing using Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) can be used for the evaluation of small children to geriatric patients extending your laboratory’s diagnostic capabilities.
  • Option: Occlusion Resistance (Rocc) provides easy and reliable assessment of airways in younger children.
  • As with all our systems, demographic data can be pulled into our systems from your ADT system and results shared with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) with SentryConnect.

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