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Vyntus™ WALK

Making the six-minute walk test truly mobile

The Vyntus™ WALK lets patients take a six-minute walk test (6MWT) wearing wireless sensors that communicate data to a tablet PC. Seamlessly integrating with today's mobile healthcare environment through the SentrySuite™ service landscape for central data management and reporting.

Functionality that lets you go with the workflow

Functionality that lets you go with the workflow

The tablet application clearly guides you through the testing workflow.

Wireless transmission

Wireless transmission

Vyntus™ WALK wirelessly transmits testing data to the SentrySuite platform for further evaluation and EMR integration.

Simple recording

Simple recording

The solution records heart rate and SpO2 values in real time using Bluetooth® communication.

Easy-to-obtain clinical value
The non-invasive 6MWT generates a diagnostic and prognostic measure of functional capacity and physical fitness.

Assessment support
The test helps assess supplementary oxygen and fitness to fly.

Broad clinical application
Studies show the 6MWT correlates strongly with the VO2 max of COPD and heart failure, and proves useful for evaluation.

Hardware and software compatibility
The solution works with a 7" tablet PC and interfaces with the Nonin® WristOx2® 3150 pulse oximeter.

Sensor-type flexibility
The pulse oximeter can be used with soft, flex and forehead SpO2 sensor types.

Complementary data
The solution lets you manually enter blood pressure, oxygen supply, oxygen supply type and rate of perceived exertion.

Quality checks
The solution helps check the credibility of your data.

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