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AirLife™ respiratory products


At Vyaire, we are dedicated to connecting clinicians with the highest quality consumable products that work either independently or in conjunction with our range of ventilators, including the AVEA™ and VELA™ ventilators.

AirLife™ consumables along with a broad offering of products from our strategic partners enable us to offer customers a complete suite of respiratory products.

AirLife™ Bypass HME Technology

AirLife™ Bypass HME technology from Vyaire allows you to deliver aerosolized medication treatments without breaking the ventilator circuit. By maintaining a closed system, the AirLife Bypass HME technology allows for continuous ventilation and helps to protect your patients from lung derecruitment.

AirLife™ Closed Suction System

The AirLife™ Closed Suction System from Vyaire features the Verso™ adapter, the most versatile adapter for safe and simple access to your ventilated patient's airway.

AirLife™ Brand Misty Finity™ Continuous Nebulizer

Misty Finity™ nebulizers, from Vyaire, add to the benefits of continuous nebulization therapy with reliable, flexible and consistent performance.

AirLife™ Brand Misty Max 10™ Disposable Nebulizer

The AirLife™ Misty Max 10™ is an economical disposable nebulizer that effectively delivers treatment to a wide range of patients.

Oxygen Disposables

Our AirLife™ Oxygen Disposables portfolio helps you meet all of your patient’s needs through our comprehensive line of nasal cannulas, aerosol and oxygen masks, oxygen and corrugated tubing, as well as connectors and adapters.

Oxygen Therapy

AirLife oxygen therapy products offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs, from simple cannulas, to oxygen masks.

Bronchial Hygiene

Our product solutions can help you meet your therapy goals.

Passive Humidification

We offer high-performing non-heated ventilator circuits and accessories to help you meet passive humidification needs.

Medication Delivery and Asthma Management

Our broad medication delivery and asthma management product offering meets nearly all of your respiratory medication delivery needs.


The AirLife™ portfolio of resuscitation devices delivers a reliable and affordable option for nearly every patient situation.

Suction Catheters and Trach Care

The AirLife™ portfolio offers advanced technology, connects ventilator product solutions and empowers clinicians with versatile products for airway suctioning and management and tracheostomy care.

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