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Perinatal Care

Carefully care for mothers and their baby during labour and delivery

Before or during the early stages of labour, our comprehensive perinatal monitoring helps efficiently care for mothers and their babies while enhancing the birthing experience.

Kurtis MSD suction catheter

Kurtis MSD lets you suction meconium from an infant trachea in fewer steps with an integrated tracheal tube, suction adapter and stylet.

Perinatal transducer probes and belts

Designed with patient comfort in mind, our transducer probes and belts help monitor uterine activity throughout labour and birthing.

Qwik Connect Plus foetal spiral electrodes

Our Qwik Connect Plus foetal spiral electrodes provide accurate foetal heart monitoring. They are designed for use with GE Corometrics monitors.

BiliSoft blankets

Our ultra-soft and disposable BiliSoft blankets help you provide intensive phototherapy as easily as wrapping a baby in a blanket.

Temperature probes and cables

From disposable to reusable, Vital Signs™ temperature monitoring probes and cables are designed for ease of use and consistent measurement accuracy.

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Patient Monitoring Resource Library

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