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enFlow™ fluid warming system

The enFlow™ system warms blood, blood products and intravenous solutions rapidly and automatically to the target of 40 °C.


Humidification and Filtration

Whether utilised in anaesthesia or critical care, the Vital Signs™ portfolio is recognised for maximum performance and reliability.


Laryngeal Mask Airways

Our range of Laryngeal Mask Airways provides a variety of options to suite the clinical situation including disposable Laryngeal Mask...


Oral airways

Our wide array of single-use oral (oropharyngeal) airways are available in Guedel styles.


Temperature probes and cables

From disposable to reusable, Vital Signs™ temperature monitoring probes and cables are designed for ease of use and consistent...


Vital Signs™ endotracheal tube

Integrating the endotracheal tube with a stylet helps decrease set-up time and increase efficiency.


Vital Signs™ Head Positioner

Our lightweight, latex-free Vital Signs head positioner supports the patient during prone procedures.


Vital Signs™ stylets

We offer three sizes of stylets: neonatal, paediatric and adult. These stylets are compatible with endotracheal tubes in a variety of...


VSD Laryngoscope systems, GreenLight™ and Vital View

Our GreenLight and Vital View laryngoscope systems are comprised of comfortable, sturdy handles and single-use blades. The bright LED...