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Vital Signs

Vital Signs™

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Anaesthesia delivery

Our anaesthesia delivery devices include innovative airway access devices, general anaesthesia consumables, perioperative patient monitoring devices and temperature solutions.

Patient monitoring

Patient monitoring

Our patient monitoring products and accessories support many brands in critical and emergency care, labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care and perioperative patient monitoring.

Arterial blood gas systems

Arterial blood gas systems

Our arterial blood gas systems help preserve sample integrity with an ultra-thin, fully covered needle that minimizes patient trauma, accidental sticks and blood splatter.

About Vital Signs

Our Vital Signs anaesthesia delivery, patient monitoring and arterial blood gas products consist of more than 5,000 innovative items that help improve patient safety and reduce the overall cost of care.

Some of our innovations include one of the first non-conductive anaesthesia breathing circuits, one of the first LED laryngoscope handle and blade systems, and one of the first single-tube dual lumen breathing circuits.

Anaesthesia Delivery

enFlow™ fluid warming system

enFlow<sup>®</sup> fluid warming system

The enFlow system automatically and rapidly warms blood, blood products and IV solutions to help you deliver the right temperature to the right place at the right time. Accurately, flexibly and quickly warming fluids, the system helps prevent hypothermia and improve quality of care.

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