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Infection Prevention with disposable breathing circuits

AAGBI recommends that all circuits are changed on a daily basis and disposed of when the anaesthetic machine is cleaned. If circuits are visibly contaminated or used with highly infectious patients then the circuit should be safely discarded between patients.1

Our Vital Signs disposable anaesthesia breathing circuits can be disposed of after each case, or for some products, reused for up to 7 days when used in conjunction with a 40 micron filter or better, providing an alternative to reusable circuits that can transmit pathogens and contamination that can spread. Our wide variety of circuits feature innovative design, including our Limb-O™ circuits that provide single-tube, dual-lumen functionality while helping enhance patient care.

How we help

Countless options

We build your custom disposable circuit kits with many options to choose from.

Strategic solutions

We provide strategic account solutions to help you increase operational efficiency and minimise costs with the purchase of comprehensive customised anaesthesia consumable kits.

GE Healthcare verification

Our circuits are tested and verified with GE Healthcare anaesthesia delivery equipment.

Anaesthesia breathing circuits

Our circuits serve the entire range of patients who require anaesthesia from neonatal, paediatric, adult and specialty procedures.

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