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Infection prevention with GreenLight™ laryngoscope blades

The Joint Commission requires that reusable laryngoscope blades undergo sterilization or high-level disinfection. They must then be stored in a peel pack long term or wrapped in a sterile towel short term. Non-compliant storage consists of unwrapped blades in an anaesthesia drawer or on top of a code cart.1

Our GreenLight laryngoscope system features single-patient-use blades to help comply with The Joint Commission requirements. Our single-patient-use blades do not require reprocessing like reusable blades do, helping reduce cost and streamline workflow. They also eliminate the risk of recontaminating sterilized reusable blades through inconsistent or unsterile storage.

How we help

Single patient use
Single-patient-use packaging and labeling eliminates the replacement of lost or worn reusable blades.

Versatile strength
Stainless steel manufacturing supports stressful OR, ICU or ED environments.

Robust design
The blades help reduce LED back-flash, while the coined tip helps reduce trauma.

The blades are compatible with Safe Sac™ protective covers.

VSD Laryngoscope systems, GreenLight™ and Vital View

Our GreenLight and Vital View laryngoscope systems are comprised of comfortable, sturdy handles and single-use blades. The bright LED light illuminates the airway.

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