Last year, there were 23 million flu related medical visits. Are you ready?

As leaders in respiratory care, we understand the impact of flu season on hospitals and health systems. 


Is your hospital prepared?

Are you prepared to meet the patient respiratory care needs that flu season brings?

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For patients in need of oxygen, aerosol medication, bronchial hygiene, and mechanical ventilation, we have a full suite of products to meet your needs this winter.
Download our checklist below to use when planning your hospitals inventory needs.

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Use the calculator below to forecast flu impact on your medical center as well as view our corresponding inventory checklists to ensure you have the supplies you need as flu season progresses. See your areas projected impact at weeks 6, 8 and 12 of the flu season.

We have the top products to combat flu season

From devices and supplies that help you provide the best care thoroughly and efficiently, to tools and services that maximize the management and uptime of your equipment, we have you covered with our recommended products.

Are you prepared for this flu season?



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