For clinicians and administrators in the acute care environment, the AVEA comprehensive ventilation system is the complete package of advanced maneuvers that empowers clinicians at the bedside to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs-of-care, while the Respiratory Knowledge Portal wirelessly receives actionable data to help clinicians improve respiratory care processes.

AVEA™ Ventilator: Transpulmonary Pressure Monitoring
How to use Esophageal Pressure Monitoring to determine Transpulmonary Pressures on the AVEA ventilator.  


AVEA™ Ventilator:  Alarms
Review of AVEA priority alarms and setting and adjusting alarms.


AVEA™ Ventilator: Set-up and Extended Systems Test
Review of AVEA Set-up and performing the extended systems test.


AVEA™ Ventilator: Controls
Review of the control settings on the AVEA ventilator including how to adjust and change the control settings. 


AVEA™ Ventilator: Modes
How to change modes on the AVEA ventilator.