LTV™ 1200/1150 Series

At a fraction of the size of comparably equipped systems, the LTV 1200 ventilator provides the ventilation tools you need, where you need them—critical care, emergency departments and emergency preparedness, patient transport and long-term care.


LTV Ventilator: Battery Power

Use of the LTV1200 with SprintPack external battery & alternate power sources.


LTV Ventilator: Operation Check-out

Step by step instructions for LTV1200 pre use check procedure.


LTV Ventilator: Emergency Set-up

Step by step instructions to initiate LTV1200 for emergency ventilation on a patient.


LTV Ventilator: Front Panel Controls

Review of all LTV1200 front panel controls, displays and alarms.


LTV Ventilator: Display Window

Navigation and configuring LTV1200 display window.