The 3100 series High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilators (HFOV) are proven for intervening in treating respiratory failure in neonates and ARDS in pediatric and adult patients.


Online Learning Modules

  • 3100A HFOV Online Module*
  • 3100B HFOV Online Module*


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3100B Ventilator: Theory of Operation

High level review of the theory of operation of the 3100B high frequency oscillatory ventilation


3100B Ventilator: Circuit Set-up

Assembly of 3100B HFOV and set up of the non-filtered and filtered circuit. Including troubleshooting and filter change process. 


3100B Ventilator: Operational Verification and Startup Procedure

Step by step instructions for the Operational Verification procedure required prior to using the 3100B HFOV 


3100B Ventilator: Patient Management Guide

Patient management guide including management, weaning, and transition to and from conventional ventilation with the 3100B HFOV 


3100B Ventilator: Controls and Alarms 

Review of 3100B HFOV controls, monitors and alarms including physiologic impact of control changes